I enjoyed learning about the human anatomy during my BSc in medicine but soon realised I'd rather pursue a career and life in which I could make more use of my creativity.

I did a BSc and MSc in Industrial Design Engineering and truly loved it. I could finally put my sketching to good use. I've now worked as a freelance product & graphic designer since 2014.

The past year I have focussed on User Centered & digital design within the USI PDEng program at TU/E. Working on UX research and design projects in multidisciplinary teams.

In the research and design projects I do now I can combine all the skills I've gained through this not-so-regular path. Be it in healthcare related projects or in completely different contexts. I'm glad I've taken this route! Have a look at my resume and browse through what I've created in my portfolio section below.

UX & digital design



Conceptualization and design of a mobile application to stimulate people to help eachother.

De Kooktafel

A research-project within the REACH2020 program promoting healthy eating among seniors.


Study and design of the Eventix-website landingpage optimised for onboarding new visitors.

Redesign Splitwise

Ideating, prototyping and testing new ways of splitting bills on a mobile application.

Product design



A balancing tool to balance the knee during Total Knee Replacement surgery.

Smart plant pot (under embargo)

A new way of taking care of your fresh herbs. Soon to be found in stores around the Netherlands

Mammography chair (under embargo)

My MSc graduation project at AMC Amsterdam. A smart chair to improve the mammography procedure for clients and radiologists.

Transportable IC unit (under embargo)

A product design to safely and efficiently transport critically ill patients over the world.

Graphics & illustrations


Next to product and digital design I like the experience of getting thoughts out of my head straight onto paper (or the screen) while sketching.

I've experienced some great side projects creating useful things like logos, illustrations and book lay-outs by simply doing what I like: talking to people and creating stuff.


I have been sketching throughout my life. Now putting it to good use in varying ways.

Lean Vertaald - logo & lay-out

Illustrations and lay-out of Rudy Gort's books on Lean in project management.