Illustrating, illustrating, illustrating & illustrating


I've been an avid drawer all my life. From drawing at home, to taking notes in class and making use of my skills while designing products. For me it is a great way to entertain myself and others but also to clarify ideas in my (and other's) head.


Another passion of mine is sports, especially water polo. For a yearly returning tournament I've made some illustrations along the years creating a pigeon as icon.

Book covers

While I've gone into a different direction, many friends of mine have been finishing their PhD's in medicine. I was happy to put my sketching abilities to good use and combine them with my medical knowledge to create some illustrations for their PhD-booklets

Product sketching

Throughout the design process I'm able to use my sketching capabilities to quickly visualise ideas, use scenarios and more high fidelity sketches.

Presentation sketching

Recently I've been asked to make sketch notes for a symposium on the future of UX-design. A great way to use sketching to summarize the talks given there.